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Tablet Sao Tomé - Cão Grande 62%


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Dark tablet 62% 

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Weight 90g
Allergens None
Preservation 2 years

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Tablet of dark chocolat 62%.


Sao Tomé


A bittersweet yet fresh chocolate with lingering notes of red fruit and banana.


Amelonado and Forastero varieties, combined with Trinitario. The combination of climate and volcanic soil creates a unique terroir. Centrally fermented, with a rich, chocolatey flavour, this cocoa develops roasted and fruity notes of red berries and peach. Woody, herbaceous and nutty notes on the finish.


These beans are grown in one of the smallest countries in Africa, off the coast of Africa, in a country that was uninhabited until the 15th century and where biodiversity is unparalleled. Farmers in the archipelago of Sao Tome and Principe – also known as the "chocolate island" (as they were once the world's largest cocoa producers) – are now focusing on the production of high quality cocoa, after plantations were virtually abandoned in 1975 due to the archipelago's independence. This sustainable cocoa is grown organically in agroforestry, because as in many other producing countries, no pesticides are used on the islands. Cocoa is almost the only source of income for the families in this country who live below the poverty line of 2 dollars a day.