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Tablet Madagascar Sambirano 100%


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Dark tablet 100% 

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Weight 90g
Allergens None
Preservation 2 years

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Tablet 100% dark chocolate.




Raw chocolate, very intense. Made from 100% Madagascar cocoa beans, no added sugar, no added cocoa butter. Only the cocoa beans that have been conched for 24 hours to get off the acidity.


Endemic hybrid species of criollo, trinitario and forastero that have adapted over time to the climate and soil of the island. These beans are renowned for their quality and offer a sweet chocolate profile with remarkable citric and fruity notes. These very rare beans, grown in the Sambirano valley in the north of the island, are fermented centrally and represent barely 0.1% of the world's cocoa production.


Two Malagasy families bought the dilapidated government-owned Mava plantation in 2015 with the aim of producing fine-flavoured cocoa, with the goal of making the best chocolate to add value to the island's economy. To maximise its social impact, Mava has even started to buy fresh beans from small farmers in the area, helping them to control the fermentation and drying processes, thus ensuring better quality for a higher income. A win-win partnership for both parties, as Mava can optimise the capacity of its post-harvest centre, giving farmers more time for other activities.