Tablet Madagascar - Mava Ottange 75%


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Dark tablet 75% 

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Weight 35g
Allergens None
Preservation 2 years

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Tablet of dark chocolat 75%.




Very fresh chocolate with notes of red fruits.


Primarily from Trinitario varieties, this cocoa has a complex aromatic profile with sweet acidity, mixed with an elegant bouquet of red fruit, honey, roasted nut and coffee notes. The notes of light tobacco and the fresh mint finish give it the title of "cocoa of excellence", placing it among the 50 best cocoas in the world.


Two Malagasy families bought the dilapidated government-owned Mava plantation in 2015 to produce fine-flavoured cocoa, with the aim of making the best chocolate ever from these home-grown beans. Getting a job at Mava Ottange is highly desirable as workers earn a good salary, have transport facilities, health insurance and many other benefits in kind. This sustainable plantation is actively involved in the reforestation of the island, which has lost 40% of its forests in the last 60 years.

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