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Dark tablet 75% 

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Weight 35g
Allergens None
Preservation 2 years

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Tablet of dark chocolat 75%.




The freshness of a cocoa with notes of exotic fruits and a touch of dried fruit.


Trinitario and Forastero, especially Mankuva. Central fermentation. Pleasant, smooth and creamy texture, with fresh tones of green apple, followed by an interesting development of spicy flavours of sea salt, cardamom, black pepper and even white wine. The tasting ends with pleasant notes of nuts and black grapes. To ensure the highest quality beans, the cocoa pods are only broken on the day of collection.


In the southwestern Indian state of Kerala, a Belgian-Italian couple founded GoGround to support farmers who grow high-quality cocoa. They visit the farmers every week and buy all available beans. For the highest quality beans, they receive the highest prices. Idukki's cocoa is grown in an agroforestry system, surrounded by, for example, black pepper, nutmeg, coconut, passion fruit and bananas. This system acts as a natural buffer zone and thus protects the surrounding forests.

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